I recognise myself, I love myself

“Embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the unique being that you are”

I recognise myself,
I love myself

Discover the hidden aspects of yourself that may have gone unnoticed in this introspective workshop. By delving into your personal history, you’ll reveal what requires attention, change, or manifestation, allowing you to fully embrace who you are. As a being filled with stories, nuances, patterns, and talents, this journey of self-discovery will empower you to recognize and love yourself unconditionally.

We will conclude the day by sharing a potluck meal. Please bring a dish to share with your fellow attendees as we celebrate our journey together

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Or check her other gathering (Illuminating guilt and fear with Archangels) here. 
You can also book a private consult with Ingrid. 

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13 July

13:00 – 17:00

€12 deposit + €65 cash



Ingrid Ruiz Suarez is a true Maestra and founder of the Center for Healing and Inner Work Oda a la Alegría.

She works as a personal development guide and mentor; Alchemist of the awakening of the heart, creator of the methodology for the “Rebirth of the Meaning of Life”, manager of spaces and materials to renew your relationship with the greatness of your being, producer of the program Oda a la Alegría in the online production:

What she does: 

– 1# Inner work sessions
Here she invites your Angels and guides to transform specific areas that you need to help you grow and develop for your greater good.

– 2# Therapy with Archangels
The possibility of consciously allowing yourself to know how the four Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Chamuel and how their presence in your life can bring you benefits and infinite understanding and advancement in your story.   

– 3# Heart Awakening Alchemy Ceremony
This is a quantum tool that will help your release the baggage of old patterns and patterns or behaviour/attachments that you have not yet understood. This will clear the way to your conscious essence that lies in the heart. 
– 4# Ceremonial of raising Souls of my clans to the Light
Help your loved ones to free themselves from the patterns that do not align with their soul’s purpose in this incarnation. Ingrid assists in helping people make a peaceful transition.
– 5# Naciendo a la Vida Arcoris
Retreats with personalised themes in a beautiful space of nature filled with many waterfalls and puddles Headquarters: Cocorná Colombia. Please check @OdaAlegia and @OdaAlegriaRenacer

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Cancellation policy: please be mindful reserving your spot. If you can’t make it. Please let us know asap so we can invite more people from the waiting list. 

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