Tribal elders uniting for the Water

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci” – Leonardo da Vinci

Tribal Elders
Uniting for the Water

“Tribal Elders Uniting for the Water” – a profound call to join us in this crucial moment of awakening and transformation. Every one of us is essential, so say the words of the elders in the Sierra Nevada, and they are calling upon us through Mamo Francisco. Representing the Kogi, Wiwa, and Arhuaco tribes from the high mountains of Colombia, these guardians protect the energetic heart of the world, performing spiritual work to nurture Mother Earth.

Mamo Francisco, one of these elders, was chosen by his tribe’s masters to remind us that WE ARE NATURE. We all have the power to help restore balance to the world’s energies, with a particular focus on the pure, crystal clear waters from the origin – the symbol of the golden energy of the new era.

By way of a water ceremony and teachings from his tribe, Mamo Francisco shows us how to raise the vibration of water through prayer, dance, and song. Guided by unifying words from the spirit, we are reminded that we are all guardians of the water, and it’s time to heal our inner and outer waters.

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Mamo Fransisco
Maestra Ingrid

22 July

17:00 – 00:00

1: €33 for lower incomes (20 tickets)
2: €66 support tickets (20 tickets)
3: €88 caring tickets (20 tickets)



The ceremony further emphasizes the importance of giving back to nature. We all understand the need to use what Mother Earth provides, but to maintain balance, it’s vital to reciprocate. Mamo Francisco teaches us how to truly give back what we have used. What lessons can we learn from Mother Earth’s unconditional love and infinite giving? How can we better listen to her?

This sacred event will also feature Maestra Ingrid Suarez, a high-frequency Water Alchemist, celebrating the union of masculine and feminine energies.

Immerse yourself in this deep water connection, guided by water teachings, prayer, ancestral dance and song, and meditation. The water blessed during this gathering will be released into the Amsterdam channels to elevate their vibrational frequencies. This event will culminate on July 26th with a parade of boats, carrying the water guardians through the city’s waterways to the bodies of water that need this connection.

Join us on Saturday, July 22nd, from 5 PM to midnight.

Tickets are available in three price categories to accommodate various incomes:

  1. €33 for lower incomes (20 tickets)
  2. €66 support (20 tickets)
  3. €88 caring (20 tickets)

The proceeds from this day will be donated to the elders in the Sierra Nevada, ensuring the continuation of their essential work.

Please reserve your spot via the link below!

Cancellation policy: please be mindful reserving your spot. If you can’t make it. Please let us know asap so we can invite more people from the waiting list. 

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