“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.”
– Bob Dylan

Last or Friday of the month 
3.5 hrs

Inspiration dinner

One of the benefits of setting up Avalon is meeting an incredible amount of beautiful like-minded people. During our launch party we received many reactions that the vibe was so good and that so many new amazing connections were made. 

With this in mind and the realisation how important it is to surround yourself with people who can lift you up, we are hosting monthly inspiration dinners. These low cost high impact gatherings are for 10 (max!) teachers and inspirators whom would like to:

  • Meet new like-minded people
  • Share ideas & best practices
  • Learn about other disciplines
  • Have fun
  • Recharge in a different environment

The upcoming dates are:
* Friday July 1 2022
* Friday July 29 2022
* Friday September 2 2022

See below for more info

Cancellation policy: when you can’t make it after all, please cancel it as soon as possible so we have time to invite other people. You will be reimbursed until 3 days before the start of the dinner. 

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Avalon Schoorl Medicine Man HENRY DE LA CROIX
Avalon Schoorl Team Amos Katan Chef Operations Healing sessions

Our chef Amos provides dinner for a group of like-hearted people whom like to inspire and become inspired. 

We don’t have a standard format for these gatherings. We have gatherings in group sharings, ceremonies, nature walks, entrepreneurial skills, theme presentation, brainstorm sessions, constellations, music circles, et cetera. 

These gatherings will be facilitated every month by a different person. 

To make it as personal and impactful as possible we limit the dinner size to 10 persons. This will be on a first come first served basis. The waiting list is open for 2 people, whom will be notified if there will a new spot available. We start with one Inspiration Dinner each month. We are welcoming you to join us!

Avalon Dining
dark session
Outline Dec 2

Theme: Autonomy
Facilitated by: Jasper Scholten

In short:

  • We are going to enjoy a  dinner
  • We have two guests specialised in the topic of Autonomy (personal authority) whom will share the Autonomy mindset with us. 
  • During this dinner we’re going to explore ideas and insights how we can empower each other and grow together.

Yes, absolutely! We would like to expand our network of inspiring people. If you know someone whom would be a great addition, please share this link with him/her and have this person book a spot. Please note: this is not a fully public event. We would like to grow organically. 

This page will be renewed every month. In the next section you can see an outline of our next gathering. 

Please bring your authentic self, your inner child and some food 10 people can snack from. 

Comfy clothes will suffice in most instances. Please check the outline of the next dinner if special things need to be taken care of. 

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