with Fee Zaku

“It is a self-reward where you will observe some moments and facets of your life in a conscious way”
– Maestra Ingrid Ruiz Suarez


In the sacred lands of high mountains of Colombia I’m connecting with my own womb, my sisters wombs and different abuelas and abuelos (elders of tribes). Learning deeper wombwork in rituals and ceremonies; but the biggest teacher are the life processess that guide me, expand me. 
Curiously exploring the inner and outer waters that reflect the inner landscape. 
Inviting you to explore together what roots can be found, in the moment of your conception, gestation and birth and the ancestral pains storaged still. So you can decide from a conscious space to heal these old wounds, and you take the power back of your life, the responsibility and trust that you are here to enjoy and create heaven on earth. 
How to use your feminine magic and gifts, how to embody this sacred feminine. Stepping out of victime roles, and see that you are the creator of your own reality and life. 
What you can transform here and now? And what the divine plan comes to show you? How can you embody your own maestra. 
Connecting with the elements, and different plantteachers like tabacco and rose medicine that can guide us in our way. The animals, spirits of the territory and archangels. 
Inviting you to meet each other in a space of trust and sisterhood. We are all healing and can support each other in the circle.

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30 June
10 July
18 July

9.30- 11.00 / 11.00- 12.30 / 13.00- 14.30 / 14:30 – 17:00

€75 (€15 deposit + €60 cash)


Studying with different elders in Colombia and Netherlands, that help me remember my own inner maestra by life experience and healing in this way my own inner waters. 
The first teachers and guides are my children; that are received by tribal midwives in the mountains in Colombia. 
From the lowlands in the Netherlands and the highlands in Colombia the calling is strong to built a bridge between the ancestral world and the western world. This is a mostly challenging and at the same time beautiful mission. Realizing we can all learn from each other and awaken and expand by this connections of different communities and cultures. 
In the support of building sacred houses for women and children in different territories. 
Initiated as Zaku; Feminine Messenger and Ambassador sent by tribes of Sierra Nevada, connected with protection of territory and water. Studying for 3 years with the Mamo and Abu.
Healer with Water, frequencies of crystal and light language. Guided by maestras Aluna and Ingrid.
Guardian of the rite of the Sacred uterus of the Munai Ki; female spirit of the jungle guided by the Sacred Water. Facilitator of women’s circles. Using ancient techniques to clean atmospheres, auras, places by using different methods, such as working with the Sahumador and esoteric plants to clean.
Facilitator of ceremonies to be in transcendence; existence and experience beyond the psychic level. Specialized in the work with the energies of the archangels. 
Working with medicine of the earth ‘Rapé’ taught by natives of the Muyskas. And with Water ‘Kambo’. medicine. Healer with medicinal plants and flowers from Dutch and Colombian territory.
Recognized member of Nutabe tribe of Colombia.

Weaving the experience and knowledge from the study of Psychologist

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