“The waters are calling to be unified”
– Chief Dancing Thunder

Unifying Waters ceremony

Join us for a unique event on July 2nd, 2023: The “Unifying Waters Ceremony”.

This ceremony is a very special gathering where ancient knowledge and traditions unite in powerful water rituals, led by Mamo Francisco (Condor) and Chief Dancing Thunder (Eagle).

Immerse yourself in the sounds of drums, singing, and dancing, and discover the healing power of water during this transformative day.

Water, an essential element of life, is revered as a symbol of cleansing, healing, and transformation in many cultures and spiritual traditions.

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2 juli

13:00 – 19:00

€18 deposit + €70 cash + potluck 



The “Unifying Waters Ceremony” is devoted to water ceremonies, an initiation into the wisdom of water as represented by both Mamo Francisco and Chief Dancing Thunder. Their shared vision is to weave together the authentic knowledge of different traditions passed down by their ancestors, reuniting ancient wisdom dating back hundreds of years.

The Eagle Condor prophecy comes alive during this ceremony. This ancient vision foretells a time when the eagle (North America), symbolizing the masculine, and the condor (South America), representing the feminine, will come together again to raise humanity’s consciousness.


The power of a water ceremony lies in the deep spiritual and healing attributes ascribed to water. Water is an essential element of life and is viewed in many cultures and spiritual traditions as a symbol of cleansing, healing, and transformation. Here are some aspects underscoring the power of a water ceremony:

Cleansing and purification: Water ceremonies are often used to release negative energies, emotions, and thoughts, cleansing and purifying participants on both a physical and energetic level.

Connection with nature: The ceremony strengthens the bond between participants and the natural world, aligning them more closely with Mother Earth and her elements.

Healing and renewal: Water is seen as a powerful healer capable of mending physical and emotional wounds. By participating in a water ceremony, participants can stimulate their internal healing processes and experience renewed energy and vitality.

Emotional balance: Water symbolizes the flow of emotions. A water ceremony can help to unblock emotional barriers and let go of feelings of fear, sadness, or anger, bringing participants to a deeper sense of inner peace and balance.

Spiritual growth: By participating in a water ceremony, attendees can advance their spiritual growth and development, simultaneously elevating their consciousness and deepening their connection with the divine.

Community and connection: Water ceremonies bring people together in a shared experience, strengthening the bonds between participants and promoting a sense of unity and connection.


He is a father, spiritual guide, teacher, and master from the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada, belonging to the Wiwa community (Colombia).

Mamo Francisco is also connected with the Arhuacos and Kogis, other indigenous tribes from the Sierra Nevada. As a Hummingbird Messenger, he guides humanity through the awakening of the new earth. He shares his wisdom about how to live in harmony and balance and how to grow as an individual, partners, and community on earth.

He aids others in balancing give and take and cleansing ancestral lines so that we can invite more universal energy and intelligence to flow through us and live our true life mission.

Mamo (spiritual title) Francisco is a humble, incredibly wise, gentle, and steadfast teacher who never judges or wishes to be seen as a teacher. For him, we are all both teacher and student.


Chief Dancing Thunder is a medicine man, teacher, and Grand Sachem of the Susquehannock Tribe in Florida. With over 40 years of experience as a healer, ceremonial leader, teacher, and medicine man, he shares traditional, authentic wisdom and knowledge passed down through his family and ancestors. This knowledge is shared via potent rituals and ceremonies that assist Earth’s keepers in Europe in reclaiming this wisdom. The Susquehannock are the people of ‘The Clear Waters’.

Please note: There is a limited number of spaces for all events involving the Mamo. Therefore, reserve your spot quickly. If you find you can’t attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make another person happy.

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