“Sacred dance; remembering you ARE part of nature”
– Mamo Fransisco


Join us for a unique and transformative experience as we explore the power of ancestral dance with Mamo, a spiritual leader from the Wiwa Tribe. This dance around the fire is a celebration of life, connecting with nature, and deepening our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

During these dance sessions, we will focus on sweetening our words, actions, and thoughts in life, transforming while blessing and thanking the path of life on earth.

Participants will be invited to set intentions, ask for clarity, and connect with their bodies and the elements of spirit and nature through dance. By dancing with the animals and plants that surround us, such as snakes, birds, and ancient trees, we will become one with Mother Earth and rediscover our origins.

More info: see below..

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Mamo Fransisco

24 June (Introduction)
16 July (Deepening)

13:00 – 16:30

€66 + potluck 



He is a Father * Spiritual Guide * Teacher *  Maestro * from the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Wiwa community (Colombia).

He is connected with Arhuacos and Kogis, other indigenous tribes, as Colibri Messenger to guide the humanity in this awakening of the new earth. He shares his wisdom how to live in harmony and balance, grow as individual, partners and community on the earth.

He illuminates other how we can balance giving and taking and clean ancestral lines so we can invite more light and Source to flow through us, so we can live our true life mission.

Mamo (spiritual title) Fransisco is a humble, most wise, sweet and firm teacher that never judges or wants to see like teacher. For him we are all teacher and student.


In the tradition of the Wiwa Tribe, these dances are held all night long in a Maloka or Marunsama, an ancestral house made of clay, bamboo, and palm leaves. Some nights are dedicated to specific animals, such as the dance of the snake, where the entire night is spent connecting with the spirit of the animal and its various forms.

We have two gatherings planned:

  1. The first gathering is an introduction to the dance and teachings from ancestral knowledge.
  2. The second gathering will be a deeper exploration, weaving in more profound wisdom and taking the experience to the next level.

Participants can choose to attend one or both teaching days.

We recommend having lunch before the gathering. Afterward, we will share a potluck, so everyone is invited to bring some food to share with the community.


The Wiwa tribe is one of the four main tribes of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia. The Wiwa tribe exists for thousands of years and they possess ancestral tools and high consciousness technologies.

They see themselves as the guardians of the Earth. They explain Mother Earth has a body like us; the lungs are in the jungle; the brain in Tibet and the heart in Sierra Nevada Colombia. In order for the mother to survive, we need to unite and remember we are all guardians and act upon this. Paramount for the survival of the Earth is the healing of the heart and the feminine communication within us. 


Please reserve your spot via the link below!

Cancellation policy: please be mindful reserving your spot. If you can’t make it. Please let us know asap so we can invite more people from the waiting list. 

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