SIETE COLOREs (seven colors)

“Follow your own feet, learn from the rivers, trees, and rocks, honor yourself and all creation” – The Andean Paqo Shaman


Join this special Siete Colores (Seven Colors) workshop and learn how to work with the seven Njawi’s (Chakra’s) the way Paqo Shaman Don Alejandro does.

We are proud to announce that Don Alejandro from the Qero Nation, the last Inca town in Cusco (Peru) will be on the lands of Avalon again. 

This time with two workshops on Saturday and Sunday and availability for personal healings on Friday and Monday. You can find these on our gatheringspage.

In this workshop Don Alejandro takes us on a journey along the Rainbow Path. They share with us their unique cosmovision of the Quero people Peru. A vision and wisdom that has been passed down from father to son for many years, mother to daughter, high in the Andes mountains without western interference.

More info: see below.

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18 november 2023

10:00u – 17:00u

€ 145,- (€30 deposit, €115 cash)



This day Don Alejandro will work with us with the seven colors of the Rainbow. We all walk this Rainbow Path from the bottom to the top.

We work with the feminine energy of each Njawi (Chakra). Nustas, and receive a “colorful” explanation about the seven Paths, the colors of Kuychi, the Rainbow, with which every World, every Njawi, is connected, What energy each njawi has, and, very importantly, how you work with it.

After sharing this special wisdom, Don Alejandro guides us through the Meditation with the Column of 7 COLORES. The Paqos are masters in giving visions and images that are beautiful to you can provide insights for healing and the follow-up of your (rainbow) path. During the workshop the Paqo can advise you and: further help with their insights about these images and visions. Often people already understand the message themselves, after all “it comes from you, and you are your own Healer” Don Alejandro always says. By listening to yourself you receive from your own wisdom, the answers are stored within you.

In the afternoon you will learn to make a small despacho (offer) of true kintus (prayer leaves) that are offered for your healing. This healing can be meant for this life, but also for your ancestors, parents or previous lives; just what presents itself at that moment.

At the end of the day you sacrifice under the guidance of Don Alejandro your despacho to the Fire, and learn to draw the Blessing from it. The blessings and Healing will manifest itself right away or in the near future.


Paqo means Master of The Pachamama, Apus sacred mountains, and other sacred spirits from nature. A Paqo honors and interacts with the spirits of the Incas and their ancestors in order to maintain the Cosmic Order. Being a master Paqo means to help the community with a natural philosophy of life-based in-heart wisdom

One of the most important teachings of the beautiful Cosmo-vision of the Paqo’s is gratefulness for everything that our beautiful Mother Earth (Pachamama) gives us. Sacred Reciprocity is woven into their whole way of living and – among other rituals – through making a Despacho the Paqo’s show their gratefulness to Pachamama.


Don Alejandro Apaza Machacca is a Maestro Chumpi Healer and Paqo Pampamesayok uit Quico. He is one of the last descendants of the Inca’s, a special lineage of Paqo’s. 

Don Alejandro’s father, Son Santos, his grand-father Don Ifratio, and great-grand-father Don Nicolas, among other family members bring messages to Don Alejandro on a regular base through his dreams and visions.

It is in this time of Huge Transformation that Don Alejandro can transfer the Wisdom and Knowlegde of the Apaza Lineage to them that want to work with him. Transformations in Pachamama, the world, ourselves; his unique view on what’s going on has helped many of us to look from different perspectives, to truly let go, to heal and to transform.

He has about 50 years of experience as a Paqo (master) helping people from his community and now in other countries too. 


Don Alejandro also offers also personal healings on Friday 17th of November and Monday 19th of November.

When you come to Don Alejandro he will ask you what it is he can help you with? It is good to look at yourself honestly. Don Alejandro always says “everyone has something, no one is free from ‘hucha’ (=heavy energy)”. This could be anger, jealousy, sadness, illness, feeling tense, worry about something, you lack self-confidence or live with a trauma or fear etc. Liberation from worries and fears, traumas, “why am I here?”, clearing up ancestral lines, and themes around work, home, money, relationships, bereavement are a number of themes the Paqos can help you with. 

To book a personal healing, check this page: 

Please reserve your spot via the link below!

Cancellation policy: please be mindful reserving your spot. If you can’t make it. Please let us know asap so we can invite more people from the waiting list. 

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